TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Caption: A recent photo taken of my baby and I, by my partner & the baby’s father.

This date, the 9th of December in 2011 was the worst day of my life. The day before I had to be hospitalized due to vaginal bleeding. A week before I had just celebrated starting my 5th month of pregnancy. It was my first pregnancy, so I had 100% trust in the medical professionals who were managing my care. On the evening of December 8th, after checking my baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound, they had determined that “everything was fine”. …

How we feel about ourselves and how we treat others is directly connected to the following childhood experiences:

(1) The relationships that we have with adults

(2) The books & other reading materials that we read

(3) The things we see and watch on television, tablets and screens

(4) The schools that we attend

(5) The communities that we live in

I live 2.5 miles away from where George Floyd was murdered and I cannot help but to think about all of the experiences that lead Derek Chauvin to the decision to press his knee on George Floyd’s neck for…

On July 23, 2002, I had just graduated from High School. It was one of those milestones that I had heard about my entire life. As senioritis set in, I started to get super clear about what I wanted the rest of my life to be. I wanted to play the starring role in my life. I wanted to be a DO-ER, not just a dreamer. I can remember sitting at school in the computer lab, as I didn’t have a computer at the time and creating the following list answering the questions “What Are My Major Goals?”

I wanted…

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Our “spidey senses,” our gut, the tingling feeling we get on the back of our necks… our intuition is one of the survival mechanisms installed into our beings to help us navigate life. I have been revisiting some of the poor romantic decisions I have made in my life, starting with my Relationships Are Experiences, Not Achievements article to examine where and how things went wrong in an effort to avoid placing myself in similar situations in the future.

When a security breach occurs, the first question investigators ask is “how did they get in?” The…

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I have loved…

  • Men who wanted to keep our relationship a secret.
  • Men who cheated on me.
  • Men who were misogynistic, and I knew it before partnering with them.
  • Men who were of a different faith than me.
  • Men who were significantly older & more experienced than me.
  • Men who I allowed to pass off my ideas or words as their own.
  • Men who made me feel unattractive.
  • Men who had not yet met and been filtered by my family.
  • Men who were jealous & verbally abusive.
  • Men who were…

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We are all navigating uncertain times. As many businesses and school districts are closing here in the United States I wanted to compile a list of resources. I taught High School English for 12+ years and currently work as a nonprofit administrator. Please add any additional resources via the comments section. Thanks to everyone who has created some sort of resource directory or list. Sharing is caring! I will update this list periodically:

Educational Resources for All Ages

200 Free Kids Educational Resources (Video Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites and more:

60+ Free Learning Resources

Master list of educational Online Learning Tools —

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2020 has been an incredible year of loss. Every other day there seems to be a “R.I.P.” Announcement. I watched the Kobe Bryant tribute through tears as his lifelong love and wife Vanessa honored her husband and their daughter Gigi from the stage. I remember being rocked to my core last year when the news of LaShawn Daniels, Grammy-Award winning songwriter passed. I have continued to follow his wife April on social media and still cannot wrap my head around the loss. I sobbed uncontrollably when I found out that Nipsey Hussle had been shot to death and immediately felt…

Being Partnered Is Not An Achievement

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It is one week before Valentine’s Day, and about two weeks before what would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary. By society’s standards I have had two “failed” marriages. Every time I come across an engagement or wedding photo there are hundreds of “congratulations” posts. Congratulations is the same thing we say to someone who has a new job… it is the same thing we say to people who have graduated from college… it celebrates an achievement.

At one point I was one of those people who had “married with kids” on my…

Beyond The Bubble Baths & At Home Facials

Self-care is big business and I have personally contributed to that business. I enjoy bubble baths filled with oils & powders that color the water so dark you can’t even see through it. I’ve tried every single mask known to man — charcoal, cucumber, seaweed and even some whose names I couldn’t pronounce (or contents I couldn’t clearly identify).

The self-care industry is now a $450 billion dollar market (source). In August 2018, Barnes and Noble saw a 25% increase in the sales of books about anxiety. According to the Wall Street…

My friends and loved ones always ask me “how do you get it all done?” I am responsible for managing a lot including:

(1) A full-time consulting business

(2) A full-time wellness + jewelry design business

(3) A growing professional writing career

And on top of all of that I am:

(4) a dog mom

(5) a girlfriend

(6) the friend of multiple besties (4)

(7) a member of a family

Then, when you add the things I try to do for myself:

(8) self-care

(9) eating healthy

(10) rest

Even I get exhausted and overwhelmed when I look at…

Donnie Belcher

Donnie Belcher (IG @donnienicole84) is a life-coach, business strategist & the owner of wellness company Whatever we say comes looking for us.

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